Dangerous digestibles

I love grapes. I eat them almost every day. And whatever I eat, Franny wants, too. We all know that chocolate is bad for dogs – too much can kill them – but there are several every day foods and household products that can also poison your dog. Here is a quick, go-to list of some of the most common dangerous digestibles for your mutt:

Grapes (and raisins)
Onion (and chives)
Macadamia nuts
Jerusalem cherry and all cherry pits
Avocado pits
Apple seeds
Tobacco and marijuana
Yeast dought (i.e., bread – if your dog’s diet is over 5% bread, they are in danger!)
Acetaminophen and aspirin
Azalea, daffodil bulbs, mistletoe berries, poinsettias, tulip bulbs

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