When it clicks…

My new clicker!

A great aspect of the Marin Humane Society’s Canine Behavior and Training Academy is the recommended reading list. I’d heard a lot about “clicker training” but it wasn’t until the CBA that I learned how useful it can truly be.

So, clickers are simple little mechanical wonders that, not surprisingly, make a clicking noise when you press them. The click is clear and loud and unlike other sounds in the natural environment. The great thing about a clicker is that you can tell your dog that you like something he is doing even when he is too far away for a treat or petting. So, for example, if Franny is off sniffing something gross (for the sake of argument, lets say her favorite thing, human feces…which she constantly finds in the Panhandle), and I call her name and she actually looks UP from the poop, I can give her a click and she knows she has done well. Over time, we can advance that look to her actually coming towards me and leaving the poop behind. Genius!

For more on clicker training, check out clicker guru Karen Pryor’s website aptly named www.clickertraining.com

Are you interested in teaching your dog some new tricks? Contact me at www.modernhoundsf.com for clicker training for your dog!


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One response to “When it clicks…”

  1. Phil Sharp says :

    I was very skeptical of clickers until I tried one for myself a year or so ago. It’s amazing how something so simple can be so effective!

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